Back Door Donuts

Listen carefully because I’m about to fill you in on some insider information. If you have ever been to Martha’s Vineyard you probably know them for their beaches, gingerbread houses, and famous carousel, The Flying Horses but what you really must go there for is the donuts. This donut place is not like any other I’ve been to and I have had my fair share of donuts in my life.

The first oddity is that it is only open from 7:00 PM to 12:58 AM. Not your typical business hours for a bakery. That’s because these back door donuts come from a literal back door from behind a shopping center in a sketchy parking lot. On the other side there is a bakery known as Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet Café and Bakery. But at night time is when they bake their delicious pastries.

The line will stretch all the way across the parking lot beginning at a rickety screen door that looks into the back kitchen of the bakery. This is one of the only places where people a massive sea of people will not stop anyone because they know the wait will be well worth it. Their menu is just a piece of laminated paper taped to the door. They have an array of flavors from glazed, to jelly to chocolate cake to honey dipped, and also they offer fritters or a donut ice cream sundae. You tell them what you want and they open the door to collect your cash. The donuts are on trays that are fresh out the oven and the cashier quickly hands you the white paper bag of goodness and sends you on your way so they can tend to the endless line of people.There’s not better feeling then holding the bag close and feeling it’s warmth. Must be similar to carrying a baby. Before you even get back to the car you are reaching in and pulling out a soft sticky donut that melts in your moth and releases all sorts of happy endorphins in your brain.

The one bad thing about them is they ruined any other doughnut for me. I cannot even eat a doughnut from dunkins anymore because it will never compare. It honestly puts shame to the circular dessert. Since they are only on the island they are a once a year treat for many people if not once in a lifetime. If you ever find yourself vacationing on this quant little island, Back Door Donuts in Oaks Bluffs is the one place you can’t miss.


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