Sunday Cravings

I’ve always been a girl who gets really strong cravings that I just cannot get out of my head. Just titling this Sunday Cravings made me crave an actual sundae. I’d like to take a moment to wish my future husband good luck because I can only imagine the very demanding cravings I will have when pregnant. I can just see it now–“I know its 2am but I am carrying YOUR child and I REALLY NEED a burrito.” That poor guy, bless his soul…

To get back on topic, this Sunday I woke up after an ~interesting~ night to say the least. A pounding headache and waves of nausea from any sudden movements over threw me for most of the morning. After too many hours of minimal movement I found myself watching a video on Buzzfeed of people trying all kinds of hotdogs.

When I was in high school my headmaster used to rent a hotdog truck for a party he threw at his house for each class. There was one they had called The Western that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. They came out perfectly cooked on a thick toasted bun smothered in melted cheese, BBQ sauce and caramelized onions. For me, high school was a time for worrying about what everyone thought and always trying to look my best but I threw all of that out the window when I stuffed my face with one of those hotdogs. Sauce, cheese and juices coated my face and dripped from my fingers onto the headmaster’s perfect carpets. So thanks to the video I watched I now had hotdogs stuck in my head. The hotdog truck was the only time I actually would eat a hot dog so to be craving them was a new experience. I know I couldn’t go find the truck so I thought maybe I could recreate it.

Five Guys is mostly known for their hamburgers but they do sell hotdogs and I thought since they let you customize toppings, this could be the closest I could get. I’ve never had a hot dog from there but it seemed like a good time to test it out. After I felt well enough to emerge from my zombie state and experience the world again, I went online to place my order.

Side note: being able to order and pay for food online before you pick it up is easily one of the greatest accomplishments our civilization has made. Or at least for anti-social people it is.

Once my order was placed I set out for my dog. A cheese dog with grilled onions and BBQ sauce. I put barbecue sauce on more things than I should, definitely my condiment of choice. And a side of fries just for kicks. I’ve been really into confidence and empowerment lately so I went on this little trip by myself and it felt great. I highly recommend that if you want to eat a certain food or see a movie or go shopping and no one is around or wants to then just go by yourself. No shame in that.

After picking up my meal the 8-minute ride back to my dorm seemed to take forever. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat half the fries during that time. I shut myself in my room for a private moment, sat down on my desk and pulled out the tinfoil wrapped beauty. It felt like Christmas morning opening it up and seeing the steam drift out along with the sweet smell of “I’m going to regret this later.” One of my favorite scents. The hotdog was sliced in half and wrapped in a soft and warm bun. I sunk my teeth in and was overwhelmed with the satisfaction of tasting what I had been thinking about for the past 3 hours. I had no problem downing that hotdog. I probably won’t eat another one this year but can be perfectly content to have had that one as my one meal stand.

Moral of the story: always satisfy your cravings.


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