Girl Scout Cookies Inspired Recipes

Girl Scout Cookies are one of live’s greatest pleasures. But it’s not always easy to obtain them. You either have to have a 10-year-old dealer in the family or living down the street, or get lucky and see them being sold outside your local grocery store.

It’s a hard life to live when you’re craving one or two (a.k.a. the whole box of) thin mints and there isn’t a single badge-covered little girl for miles. For that my friends, I have compiled a list of some of the best recipes inspired by girl scout cookies. So next time you need a samoa but have no way of getting it you can make a dessert inspired by everything you love about that cookie.

Tag Along Dip


Peanut butter, chocolatey goodness! Find the link here.

Thin Mint Hot Chocolate


A warm, drinkable twist on this chocolate mint cookie.

Samoa Bundt Cake


This Cake  is perfect for the chocolatey, caramel, coconut fix you need.

Do-Si-Do Milkshake

Mmmmm ice cream.

Savannah Smile Cupcakes


Live, Laugh, Love, Lemon.

Samoa Macaroons


Somoas just got fancier.

Tagalong Blondies


Oh so Yum! Recipe here.

All the Girl Scout magic you love made at home!


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