Meeting my Soulmate (Chick-fil-a)

Spring break 2015. My senior year of high school. A last hoorah vacation down to florida with my best friend. Little did I know I would find the true love of my life while I was down there. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the air felt warm on my skin. It had been a long day of being tourists and hunger was starting to overwhelm me. We were driving down the street when I first saw the love of my life. You could say it was love at first sight. They had that southern charm everyone talks about and looked beautiful in the Florida sun. I had to snap a picture before I got close enough to get to know them. 11078111_10203660279095414_6569654399803717300_n.jpg

Nervous butterflies filled my stomach as I headed towards them. They say when you meet your soulmate you just know. I knew. As soon as they spoke their first words to me “May I take your order?” I knew that was something I never wanted to stop hearing. I ordered the number 2 meal with sweet tea and a side of Chick-fil-a sauce and my heart skipped a beat when I thanked them and they replied “My Pleasure.” We had an instant connection that only took one bite to form. They were gone as quickly as they appeared. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest I’ve ever had to do. I didn’t know when I would ever see them again.

Then, out of the blue in Warwick, Rhode Island our paths crossed again. It was so wonderful to see them, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. They felt so good back in my hands where they belong. Once again, shortly after we were reunited, I had to bid my farewells as I was only in Rhode Island for a couple of days. This time even harder than the first.

Everywhere I went I always kept an eye open just hoping they would pop up somewhere. I knew it was high hopes because they weren’t native to New England. One day I got lucky and spotted them in Westborough, MA and couldn’t believe I was seeing them again. We said our hellos and shortly after said our goodbyes.

Then the unimaginable happened. They arrived in Framingham, MA. The very town I go to school in. Only a five minute drive down the street. I had no idea how I become so lucky. I knew this time they were here to stay and I could see them any time I wanted. They become mine forever and we lived happily ever after.



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