Why I Don’t Believe in Jell-O

Heads up guys this is about to be a rant. One day I was on a class field trip my freshman year of high school at some science-y place. I don’t even remember how it got brought up but we got on the subject that Gelatin was made from animal cartilage. Fiery anger heated up within me. I fumbled for words through my rage and I shouted “are you kidding me?” My teacher, concerned, asked me why I was so upset and was I a vegetarian. The answer was god no I have not and will not give up meat. This rage was coming from elsewhere. It was because of the lies that Jell-O hides behind. It’s the act they put on everyday that makes me sick

Let me explain. When you go to eat a big, juicy, burger you very well know that there is beef in there. When you order a pound of boneless wings from a BBQ joint you know that those are made from chicken. These meats aren’t pretending to be anything they are not. Jell-O on the other hand hides behind bright colors and fruity flavors. All lies. That red wiggly stuff is not made from cherries but in fact the cartilage of a poor, unwilling animal. You would never know this from glancing at the box it comes in, no, that box holds nothing but lies. I get worked up just thinking about it. Jell-O is by far the shadiest food of all and the only thing I have such a strong hatred against. That is all.


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